The Best Way to Freeze Pizza Dough

Keeping your pizza dough its freshest often means being able to maintain the interaction of flour and water for the same consistency. If you’ve ever frozen vegetables or meat items at home, you may have noticed a slight difference in taste and consistency when compared to the item when it was fresh. This occurs as a result of the water molecules in the food freezing. As pizza water molecules will not affect the consistency of the dough, there is less concern with frozen pizza dough.

The beast in your pizza dough also sits dormant after the dough has been made. As the dough is thawed, this can cause your pizza dough to take on its original consistency and for the yeast to wake up and activate so that the dough will rise.

Freezing dough will also prevent the chance that the yeast will cause the dough to meddle with other ingredients of the pizza. When you freeze a pizza whole this can sometimes cause an interaction with some of the other ingredients over a long period of time. Freezing the dough separately ensures that this interaction does not occur and you get fresh tasting pizza even with frozen dough.

The freezing process:

The best way to freeze your dough means dividing it out into individual balls that can make roughly a full pizza or a product that you would typically make with pizza dough. You can place these balls onto a baking sheet with parchment paper and put them in the freezer and then put them into Ziploc freezer bags. Putting these balls onto parchment paper first ensures that they won’t stick to the sides of a plastic bag or cause any difficulty when you go to take them out.

This is a fairly simple practice that can leave you Read More...