People are cooking at home now more than ever. The devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced millions into their homes. Not everyone was prepared. Learning to cook has seen the greatest gains in popularity as people search for alternative methods, recipes, and meals to cook while they’re in their homes.

Picking an online cooking course isn’t as easy as you’d imagine. Which online course offers the types of foods you like to eat? Which offers the best and easiest recipes to follow? Are there more advanced cooking classes to help take your kitchen expertise to the next level? Reading e-learning platforms reviews will help you to make better-informed decisions on which cooking classes to take on, which platforms are best, as customers and students of those courses share their experiences and feedback.


This is a leading online cooking platform. The content is created by master chefs sharing their best tricks, tips, techniques, and recipes. It is recognised by the American Culinary Federation, too. Their courses take the form of instructor-led classes with chef-developed recipes to train you and up your skills. It is used by industry professionals and home cooks alike to improve their skills and grow their knowledge.


Leiths was founded in 1975 as a cooking education institution and they have embraced the digital age to offer all their classes online too. Leiths is aimed at the home cooks, wanting to step up to the professional world of culinary arts and delights. You can take a 24-week Essential Cooking Certificate that comprises step-by-step video classes and instructions and a platform where you can upload your photos for assignments and assessments as well as feedback from the Leiths teachers. Other classes offered are 6-week courses for teens to teach them the basics of kitchen etiquette, hygiene, and how to use knives and other kitchen tools and appliances.

Delia’s Home Cooking Courses:

British cook Delia Smith has created a fantastic platform of online cooking courses for home cooks. She offers an online course that is split into five: bakes, eggs, pastry, bread, rice, pasta. Her online school’s courses also teach the basics of cooking and techniques, as well as advanced tricks and tips to make the best lasagne al forno and others. Her recipes are aimed at home cooks of all levels.

Learning With Experts:

This online learning platform offers cooking classes covering just about every cooking subject and type of classes from chefs and cooking experts. Upon completing courses, students will receive certificates. All students have access to the lecturers and experts to provide feedback, discussions, and assessments.

All Recipes:

This website offers hundreds of videos that teach you how to cook, the basics of cooking, as well as more advanced techniques as you progress. There are step-by-step guides and instructions, and you can learn at your own speed. Also, AllRecipes offers quizzes during and after all courses so you can see how you’ve learned. You can also re-watch videos as many times as you wish. It is a monthly subscription service, so you’ll always have new content to learn.