Foie gras is a must to celebrate a special event like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, a business dinner, etc. But whether you choose it raw, semi-cooked or in a terrine, it is important to purchase a quality product without having to spend a lot of money. Indeed, foie gras is one of the most prestigious and thus expensive ingredients available on the market. You can save money by following these tips.

Goose or Duck Foie Gras?

It is all about everyone’s taste. Goose foie gras has a firmer texture and a lighter color. It is better suited to sophisticated recipes with a little luxury alcohol and spices. On the other hand, duck foie gras has a more assertive and rustic aromatic character. Goose foie gras is heavier and one piece of it can weigh between 600g and 700g while a duck foie gras weighs only between 400g and 600g. Anyway, be wary if the product is too big, it may contain too much fat and there will be less left after cooking. As far as the prices per kg are concerned, goose foie gras is generally 10$ more expensive than duck foie gras. We recommend to order yours, a specialized online store that ensures high quality French foie gras and free worldwide home delivery.

Block or Whole Foie Gras?

When a foie gras displays “Whole” on its packaging, it means that it comes from one and the same animal. It is the most expensive. If it is simply marked “Foie Gras”, there may be several pieces of lobes assembled in one pack. When you open it, you see quite aesthetic mottling. Finally, a block of Foie Gras is a reconstituted foie gras. It is the cheapest one but many people think it is of the lowest quality. One thing is although sure, all of these three are 100% foie gras products. Once there is a mixture with another product, we do not talk about Foie Gras category anymore.

Where to Buy Affordable Foie Gras?

You can find affordable foie gras in your usual supermarket, in a grocery store or online. The most important thing is to make sure that the product of high quality, which can be difficult in some physical distribution points where sellers are not able to explain you more about their foie gras. If you opt for the website mentioned above, we will learn everything about their products, their origins, etc.