Brioche Breads and Buns Are Delicious Bases For Any Type Of Sandwich

In recent years, restaurants across America have increasingly been serving their burgers on Brioche-style buns. These tasty rolls are of French origin and have been in existence for several centuries. Although they are indeed a type of bread, Brioche hamburger rolls or buns are actually widely considered to be a form of pastry as well. These round buns generally feature a dark, golden-brown exterior and a light and fluffy crumb, or interior. Brioche dough usually contains standard dough ingredients such as flour, yeast, eggs, salt and water, but it also contains milk, sugar and large amounts of butter. The butter, eggs and milk help to give the buns their appealing, pastry-like texture.

The slightly sweet flavor offered by most Brioche breads and buns works well with various fruits and chocolates, and some people like to create desserts utilizing Brioche baked goods. When Brioche dough is formed, it is customary to let the dough “proof” or rise at room temperature until it doubles in size. Then, the dough gets placed in the refrigerator, where it should sit overnight. The appearance of Brioche buns is quite distinctive. The top half of the split-bun is round and raised like a dome. The buns usually maintain a gleam or shininess that is achieved by brushing the buns with egg wash just before they begin baking. Sesame seeds are also commonly baked into the tops of these buns. The appetizing flavor, texture and appearance of Brioche buns makes them a good choice for use as hamburger buns in restaurants. The buns have been well-received by dining consumers, and bakeries everywhere are regularly baking these buns for local eateries.

Being more costly to produce than most traditional-style hamburger buns, brioche hamburger buns are more often than not used to hold burgers at restaurants that are more … Read More...